So before you get involved with SWEAT there are probably a few things you'd like to know about what kind of work we're looking for & what your work will be used for. Here are some frequently asked questions we get from contributors:

What kind of contributions are you looking for?
Every kind! If you have written a rant about why you hate windows, a short story about taps, an article about the pros & cons of Jon Snow or a poem about grass, we would love to hear it. Also, art submissions make up a big chunk of each zine, so even if it's just a school project & you've done a piece you really love, e-mail it to us & you never know you might see your work in print. It's a pretty great feeling & getting your work published looks great on any kind of application, either to college, uni, or work.

What is the theme?
Every month the theme of SWEAT is what the contributors are inspired by at the moment the issue goes to print. This way, unlike a traditional very thematic magazine, it becomes more of a zeitgeist thing & it also means that the contributions are far less constrained. 

When is the deadline for submissions?
For an exact date please email us: As a rough estimate, we try to make it out every two months, so there's usually a window of about a month between the release of one issue & the due date for submissions. If that doesn't make sense again e-mail, or just send us your work & we'll use it in the next issue if it's not in time for the one just about to go to print.

What will you do with my work?
We try & have a close relationship with the contributor on things like the layout & what is displayed with their work etc. We will always try & e-mail you screen grabs to check the layout before it goes to print & if you submit purely text based work we'll consult you on what kind of images you would like displayed with it, or how you would like it to be laid out. As long as it fits with the general layout of the zine, the main thing is that you are happy with how your work looks.
We do ask that any materials we do send you as a contributor are not printed or reproduced without our permission. Once the zine is put together we do not produce any of the articles/submissions individually, as that would be to undermine the publication of the zine itself. We ask that in the same way we respect your work, you respect ours. If you would like multiple issues then please request this as part of your contribution, we're always happy to give discounts & freebies to people we work with!

How is SWEAT distributed?
Primarily SWEAT is distributed via online orders we get through this website. We do also have stockists in Bristol where SWEAT is based. In Watershed, Arnolfini, the Soma Gallery and a few shops of Gloucester Road. SWEAT is also stocked in Ouch Tattoo, plus several other independent shops in London. We are also stocked by Sticky in Australia. If you are a shop/gallery or something else entirely & are interested in stocking SWEAT please e-mail us at: If you are a contributor & you would like multiple issues to hand out around where you live in view of getting SWEAT stocked please let us know too!   

If you'd like to know more e-mail: